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Crocodile tears and left-wing bigots
Kansas City, February, 3rd, 2017: The Democrats show their true face ... again

Now, we are used to some pretty embarrassing displays from Democrats ... no, I am not talking Weenie's Weenie, although that was of course also embarrassing. No, I talk about the crocodile tears at JFK over the last days. Aside of the fact, that some people think, they can block an airport for regular travelers and attack people who they suspect not to share their opinion ... where were all those Democrats when the shooting in San Bernadino happened? Where were all those Democrats when Club Pulse in Orlando was shot to pieces and the people in it? Democrats, who always claim to be so for the rights of the LBGT community are obviously very much against the gay's right to live. Or at least not enough for it to protest for it. But they are for sure able and willing to protest any measure that maybe saves lives, including the lives of gays and we know, those are on top of the target list of Islamist terrorists.
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The Haters hate on ...
Kansas City, December 5, 2016: After the elections

Well, Donald Trump is President-elect, there it is. Left-leaning media are still embarrassed for predicting the outcome so wrong as they did, the hardcore liberals still protest in the streets, murders on cops are up, crimes of minority offenders on Caucasian victims are even more denied, sometimes by entirely unethical and disgusting attempts of victim bashing (look up for example the Sherri Papini case on Yahoo News) and the prediction, that Trump's Presidency is the end of the world ... with other words, we are exactly where we were when George W. Bush beat Al Gore. The same outrage, the same violent hate, the same sudden rise in crime on Caucasians ... nothing new. We still wait for all the Hollywood celebreties who promised to leave the country if Bush would become President to actually leave.
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Diplomatic Failure Dance!
September 4th, 2016, Kansas City: How the Clinton Campaign tries to catch the stupids

So, Donald Trump was in Mexico and met the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. And, oh surprise, Trump told him the same thing, he told all over his campaign. He wants to build a wall. Well, lets for a moment forget about the costs, lets forget about upset drug dealers and coyotes seeing the livelihood endangered if that border gets actually secured, lets forget about that all for a moment and turn our focus on a concept that seems to be new to most liberals: It's called honesty!
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A few months early, still, good to see ...
June 5th, 2016, Kansas City: An early balance of the Obama time

Only a few months left of President Obama's second term and the time of "Hope and Change" comes to an end. Time to look what we got from it. Of course, Obamacare. Well, of course, the Democrats claim, Obamacare works. They have to, otherwise they lose face. The numbers however speak another language. When it all started, roughly 30 million people in the US lived without health insurance. Now 7 million, according to the Obama administration have signed on. They don't mention, that about 100 million more Americans have different plans now, mostly Bronze plans. Those plans come with a co-pay of $10,000 per year and thus are effectively unusable because the co-pay alone is enough to ruin a family. Even more, some 35 million more Americans fell out of unemployment benefits and can't afford those plans at all
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Not new but news
May 3rd, 2016, Kansas City: The flood of what we already know

Okay, one article per month, screening the news ... what? Nothing? Really nothing? Well, there is Obama at the Correspondent's Ball cracking jokes ... jokes from a man who single-handedly trippled the number of under- and malnourished children in our country and piled up the biggest mountain of debt any civilization in human history had to bear ever are NOT funny! But then the guy always thought, he was a comedian. So, what else? Trump protesters, twenty to be exact, in Costa Verde! If this article shows anything then it is the desperation to make bad news about the Donald. But we knew that before. So, it's in the news but it is far from new. And looking further out into the world ... the same picture.
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2016 - Brussels
April 3rd, 2016, Kansas City: What people refuse to learn

We all saw the news about the attacks in Brussels, debris, bodies ripped to little pieces, dozens dead and hundreds injured. Another terror attack. In a way, we all got used to it and slowly, more and more people come to the conclusion, it is impossible to fight that scourge. But there is another truth behind it, a truth, some people refuse to learn, even it's a very old one.
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2016 - Grand Old Disaster
March 3rd, 2016, Kansas City: Thoughts after the Super-Tuesday

So, Super-Tuesday is over. As expected, the winners were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Also as expected, everybody else, even despite harsh defeats and a most demonstrative show how much they are without a chance, declared themselves as successful. Well, I won't bother about the Democrats. Hillary will make it and if not, the superdelegates which are basically determined by the party, not the voters, will decide, she makes it anyway. Democrats just have a different understanding of democracy than other people.
So ... the more interesting subject. The GOP aka the Republicans. Trump won and the party establishment hates the idea that Donald Trump could be the candidate...
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2016 - A New Year ... again
January 5th, Kansas City: Divided, we fall ...

Here it is, 2016, the new year, still so new, it still shines. Just like the 2015 years before and well, just as in the years before, we face a lot of problems and still, everyone hopes, it will get all better this year "somehow". And why shouldn't people believe it? By all means, politicians of all couleurs tell us every day, they have the patent recipe
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The short thought
December 4th, Kansas City: The non-discussion about abortions

The shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado brought the question once more into the media, but a real discussion remains impossible. So, okay, lets be clear here, someone who went into a public facility, of what form ever and kills people to further his ideological agenda is a domestic terrorist in my book and thus, he would be in my opinion also a candidate for capital punishment. But then, this shooting will change nothing, but so won't any attempts of a reasonable discussion, so what to do?
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Plane down, Hate up!
November 5th, Kansas City: A Russian plane crashes over the Sinai, the haters in the Internet go wild!

We all heard the news, a Russian operated Airbus went down over the Sinai, 224 passengers and crew are dead. It's that kind of sad news that comes around from time to time and yes, there are always a lot of questions when it comes to such crashes and of course, there is always some blame going around and some crazy nutjob trying to get attention by claiming to have done it. That's the new normal. When a suicidal co-pilot brought down the Germanwings Airbus a few months ago, there were some hundred of confessor letters before it became wildly known, it was a co-pilot-suicide.
So, plane crashes are a thing of their own and all too often, they bring out the worst in some of our fellow allegeldy-human beings. Especially in the Internet. There are dozens if not hundreds of people pestering the usual boards (Yahoo, Google) with their claims, it was the CIA, it was Israel and this would be the end of Israel (yeah, that's a quote form a Yahoo post), it was a Muslim attack, in short, it was anyone the poster hates for what reasons ever.
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Well done is the opposite of well meant
October 3rd, Kansas City: The death penalty case against Richard Glossip

Now, who reads my articles and my comments on Yahoo knows, I am far from being an anti-death-penalty activist. Nevertheless, once in a while, there is a case that needs another look, and better before an execution takes place. The case of Richard Glossip is one of those. Glossip was sentenced to death not once but twice for the murder of Barry Van Treese in January of 1997 at a hotel in Oklahoma City that was managed at the time by Glossip. Van Treese had just audited the hotel and found financial discrepancies and sloppy day to day management. So, as the proscution claimed, Glossip hired a man, who worked for free lodging at this hotel, Justin Sneed, to kill Van Treese. There is no reasonable doubt, Sneed killed Van Treese with a baseball bat and stole $4000 he found in the victim's car. However, Sneed, the actual killer, got life in prison, Glossip was, depsite of the fact, no forensic evidence linked him to the murder, sentenced to death ...
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The Trump Effect
September 2nd, Kansas City: The Donald and the Hype

We all followed the news and most of them are already focusing on the presidential campaigns. And of course, therefore on Donald Trump. Now, he makes a lot of noise, does he? But here is the point: He is maybe the worst candidate to actually do the job, but he is the one who speaks out what many feel. No political correctness, not even always logic, just pure emotion and hammering.
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Lets talk about Europe ...
August 4th, Kansas City: Greek bailout and what now?

Fine, the bailout for Greece is decided, the money transferred, all is good now? Is it? No, actually, it isn't. The big payer is of course once more Germany. France, the loudest talker of all is a taker nation in the European community since the 1960s. For every Euro, they pay in, they pull about EUR 1.70 out again. And since France elected a socialist government making all the same mistakes the Greeks did for too long, things have got worse there. And of course, while the French want the money, Germany and to a lesser amount, countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and the small Luxembourg pay into the big pot, they also want more independence, more national sovereignty. Being a hypocrite is fun till you run out of other people's money, right?
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Storms and disappointed faces
July 6th, Kansas City: Our news anchors on storm watch.

Tuesday, July 1st, severe weather crossed through the Kansas City area. As usual all TV programs were interrupted and we got hours of hours of repeats, warnings, wild exagerrations (there was damage to a parking lot and some vehicles including the total devastation of a fireworks sales tent in Lee's Summit, but the trees around were still there, and except for loosing some shingles, the buildings right where the news claimed "a tornado touched the ground" had still all windows and roofs) and well, more repeats.
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Brace for the Summer
June 2nd, Kansas City: The summer could be hot in more than one aspect

Beginning of June, the start of the summer season. Now, that sounds good, doesn't it? Here is the rub: With the warmer temperatures coming up, the season for serial killers and rapists also started again. You may don't know it, but those guys come out a lot in summer. Probably snow and ice is not convenient for rape out in the open, but now, it gets warmer again.
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Political Human Sacrifice for political gain
May 4th, Kansas City: How political opportunism beats justice

Parts of Balitmore burnt just a few nights ago. Now, Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby decided to prosecute the cops who arrested Freddie Gray and the black community is happy. But taking a closer look, the charges are rather on the fishy side. The cops didn't have Superman's x-ray vision to see, Freddie Gray was injured from a previous accident. Maybe they could have foreseen, that a black offender would try to smash his face againt some metal surface to get himself a bleeding nose and cry "police brutality", but only maybe. And the whole "rough ride" story? Well, there was a second prisoner in the same police van and he didn't say anything about a rough ride. So by all means, there is not much of a case, as far as we can see ...
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The Last Flight
April 3rd, Kansas City: Some thoughts about the Germanwings crash

A plane went down, and because usually a lot of people are in a plane, the number of victims is shocking, even in our world hardboiled as it is from daily catastrophic news on TV. And thus, the attention is higher than usual. Or maybe it has to do with the fact, a lot of us fly occasionally in planes and thus, this incident touches directly on the fears of everyone.
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The hand basket
March 3rd, Kansas City: The world is going to hell?

Now, beginning of March and time to write a new article. But I admit, it is a hard one this month. Not because there is nothing to write about, but there is too much - and most of it is not nice.
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Barack Lackland
February 3rd, Kansas City: Hear, who is on the phone ...

Do you remember those old Robin Hood movies? With a really bad guy Prince John Lackland and his lackey Guy de Guisborne, Sheriff of Nottingham and their bold, brutal unwashed henchmen riding through the villages pressing money out of an anyway already starving population? Well, as usual, reality beats fiction. Since January, paid call centers call everyone who wasn't able to afford Obamacare ...
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2015, Here we go!
January 3rd, Kansas City: Now, what's up with this new year?

And here it is, the new year - 2015. It was welcomed all around the globe with big fireworks, parties, speeches, of course and the unavoidable flood of good intentions. We all know what will happen to those. So, a new year, a new game? Looking around, it doesn't appear to me, as if this is the big break at all. So lets see, what to expect, shall we?
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Racists are disappointed ... time to riot more!
December 4th, Kansas City: The uncomfortable truth!

What is a racist? Now basically a racist is a person claiming that, for some unknown reason, his ethnicity is worth of more rights, except from the laws of the lands and that it should be equipped with a basic right to unmitigated violence against other ethnicities without any form of punishment by law. It's very simple, a racist is someone, who thinks, he can jump on you because you have another skin color than he has and who is entirely convinced, he should get away with it.
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It's over ... and now it begins again!
November 5th, Kansas City: After the election ...

One can't but feel a bit relieved. Election 2014 is over, no more political attack ads in TV, no more phone 10 calls a day from campaigns, it is over, finally. The Republicans won, as expected and then, even more than expected, the Democrats lost. The Republicans are in denial when it comes to the reasons why they won, the Democrats are in denial when it comes to the significance of that loss. Talking it "nicer" or "not so ugly" is the politics of the hour ... and in fact ... well, it is over, but it has already begun again. Because in 2016, not only a new President has to be elected, but there will be of course also new other seats up for grabs and then, a lot of them will have Republican incumbents. So, a lot can happen in 2016, a lot will happen and just like 8 years ago, the pressure to make a lot happen is enormous, and so, it has begun again ...
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Potatoes with French Fries
October 2nd, Kansas City: About the limited mental capabilities of program directors

Imagine, you sit in a restaurant and next to you, just a table away sits a group of men in expensive suits eating their meals consisting of boiled potatoes, french fires, mashed potates and nothing else. Each of them has exactly those three potato products on his plate. And none of them talks to each other. What would you think about those men? Words like "weird" to "idiots" come to mind. And of course, everybody is now thinking, I am ramping up to some kind of bad joke here. No, I am not. People like that exist ... we call them program directors.
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Racism, a game for everyone it appears
September 3rd, Kansas City: The uncomfortable truth

So, young guy got shot by a police officer. The guy had strongarmed a shop earlier, was walking in the middle of the street and as forensic evidence looks right now, he was also stupid enough to attack the officer, who got hurt and used his gun ... in self-defense or beyond that point. Since every officer involved shooting causes an investigation anyway, I can wait for what comes out of it. However, as sad as it sounds, such things happen all the time. In Utah, another man was shot by a police officer too, even most haven't heard of that story. Why? Because of racism. See, the cop in Missouri was white and the man shot was black. In Utah, it was vice versa. In Missouri, there were days of riots, in Utah, the situation remained calm and peaceful. Racism made all the difference.
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World in Uproar (II)
August 2nd, Kansas City: What is Israel supposed to do?

Yes, this morning, at 8:00 a.m. local time, a cease fire started. Hamas tried already at 7:59 to send the first gunmen through a tunnel, so they would be ready to spread mayhem at (:01, but that didn't work, they were spotted by paratroopers and scared away by gunfire. At 10:08, Hamas terrorists fired mortar shells at an IDF unit and as first reports indicate, a missile as well, right from in between the civilian population at Rafah. IDF forces fired back at 10:38 a.m. local time, left-wingers all over the world blame Israel to have broken the 72 hour cease fire. Well, yeah ... business as usual.
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Once more: The USA, soccer, and the World Cup
July 3rd, Kansas City: Some thoughts after the defeat against Belgium

And once more, Independence Day is coming up and with it, the usual program of BBQ, shopping for sales and I guess, also sports on TV. This time, more than ever in the USA will watch soccer and still, it will be in no way comparable to the numbers watching football or baseball. Especially not, since the US team is out after a defeat against Belgium. Many Americans belive, soccer is just no American sport. However
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Lets talk bitcoins
June 3rd, Kansas City: The Internet currency and the fears, nobody talks about

We all heard over the last two years the term "bitcoins", the virtual currency. We heard wild stories, big blunders and stories of success and enthusiasm. We heard, Mt. Gox, one of those bitcoin trader was hacked and millions of dollar's worth in bitcoins disappared. The US Internal Revenue Service has ruled bitcoins for puposes of taxation as an asset, means property, not a currency. To sum it up, we heard a lot of bits and pieces and nothing really made sense in the bigger picture. So, it's time to talk a bit bitcoins and Bitcoin or "The Protocol" as Bitcoin advocates call it. But as usual here, lets do it from the angle most people never hear about in other outlets.
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Just Another Shooting
May 1st, Kansas City: Some thoughts about the latest shooting

We all saw it in the news, there was a shooting at a FedEx facility near Atlanta. Well, another shooting ... we slowly should get used to it, but ... how can humans get used to such a thing
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The Flight of MH370
April 2nd, Kansas City: Some thoughts about the mssing plane

We all read and heard about the missing flight MH370, the Boeing 777 which disappeared on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 with 227 passengers and 12 crew aboard. The plane took off from the Malayisian capital at 00:41 local time, that is 06:41 UTC. At 01:01, the pilot confirmed an altitude of 35,000 feet, that is 20 minutes, thus pretty consistent with the load, the weight and type of plane,
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World in Uproar
March 3rd, Kansas City: Ukraine ... and America

We all heard about the unrest in the Ukraine, the ouster of the Moscow loyal president and the following escalation with Russia. Now, that's not news. Neither is it new that the Ukrainians have still to figure out, who will be their next president, even some possible candidates emerged already. However, party building, campaigning and elections are may further in an unclear future than ever.
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The wonders of technology
February 3rd, Kansas City: Some thoughts about technology

She is everywhere, omni-present as it is: The modern technology. Cell phones, tablets, now even cell watches ... or whatever one calls it. Telling you the time, let you texting while driving and hanging on the phone 24/7 eve in the most inappropriate places. Ever gone to the restroom in a restaurant and heard half a dozen people sitting on the bowls in their respective toilets and having phone conversations? Actually, given the other "environmental" noises, I feel some fleeting pity for the NSA employees who may or may not have to listen into those calls ...
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And there it is ... 2014
January 1st, 2014, Kansas City: And another year has begun

Now, there it is, the year 2014. Just like 2012 or 2013, it begins with fireworks. Which is quite usual for new years. And it begins with a lot of hope and fears, which is also quite usual for new years. So, lets see, what is on the list for 2014?
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Gaaaaah, they are back!
December 2nd, 2013 Kansas City - About liberals, socialists and ... national-socialists!

Historian Golo Mann once wrote, Communists would be those who want more freedom, Fascists are those who want less freedom for the people. One has to admit, Golo Mann had a tendency to Communism. Anyway, in the process, he also defined the back then ruling Communist regimes in Eastern Europe as fascists. Now, I am always a little hesitant to take thoughts of others without thinking about them on my own first, which is, what makes me sometimes so hated by the mindless drones. And I admit, I don't agree with Golo Mann in all details over all his work. Still ... it shows, I am not the first one, thinking about the "label-game" ...
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Gaaaaah, they are back!
December 2nd, 2013 Kansas City - About liberals, socialists and ... national-socialists!

Historian Golo Mann once wrote, Communists would be those who want more freedom, Fascists are those who want less freedom for the people. One has to admit, Golo Mann had a tendency to Communism. Anyway, in the process, he also defined the back then ruling Communist regimes in Eastern Europe as fascists. Now, I am always a little hesitant to take thoughts of others without thinking about them on my own first, which is, what makes me sometimes so hated by the mindless drones. And I admit, I don't agree with Golo Mann in all details over all his work. Still ... it shows, I am not the first one, thinking about the "label-game" ...
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The end is near ... the end of the year
Kansas City, 4th of November - Some unsorted thoughts

2013 is slowly approaching its end and, going ahead of the big wave, I feel, it's time to have a look back. What did this year change? Well, Obama is still President, the number of people in the food lines climbed from a historical high at the beginning of the year to a new historical high near to the end of the year. Obamacare, oh yes, this cat is now finally out of the bag. The rollout was and is still, a mess. Badly prepared and haunted by bad organisatorical mistakes. So, in fact, the infamous website is like the law, a good attempt but not thought through to the end, hampered by favors done to cronies, extremely pricey and ineffective. Lets face it, Obamacare and this website is really a signature piece of Obama, a memorial of ineptness and arrogance at once. Quite fitting.
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Invasion of the Drones
Kansas City, 2nd of October - Shotdown or Showdown?

So, the government shutdown is here. We don't know how long it will take, but it has begun. Harry Reid and Barrack Hussein Obama have decided to rather let the US down the gutter than going even one step back on their precious Obamacare ... and with that, their right to get their fingers on all our medical historys. The new NSA data center in Utah has still enough capacity to put that data also in the cross-referencing over all the population. They have already your IRS documents, your phone calls, your Internet posts and your emails, so why not adding the last thing, they don't have about you. Possibilities like that would have been the wet dream of dicators like Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Kim or Mao. They didn't have the technology, Obama has it. He started to build it the day, he came in office...
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Syria or not Syria, that is here the question ...
Kansas City, 1st of September - The problems, nobody wants to talk about.

Okay, Obama stepped back, he is now asking the Congress. If Congress votes yes to another military adventure, there will be another war, if not, Obama will blame the Congress, he couldn't do anything. It's a simple political equation and it takes the risk from Obama to be impeached for breaking the Constitution again. So, once more, the man in the White House shows off, he is a skilled politician, a great manipulator but a bad leader. Actually, that's nothing new.
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Kansas City, 3rd of August - The story of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman isn't over yet

So, the verdict is spoken and it said "not guilty" and "charges dismissed". The demonstrations, despite of all efforts of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson remained mostly non-violent and even Eric Holder, embezzling more DOJ resources to...
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July 4th, Independence Day
Kansas City, 3rd of July - It was nice while it lasted

On July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Some of us, those who read history books, know, what followed. A bloody war for freedom in which Americans got rid of a ruler, who spied on them, has citizens killed without ...
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The King has left the Constitution!
Kansas City, 4th of June - some thoughts about blind followers

We heard a lot about Benghazi, the IRS, Obamacare and so on. And as usually the nation was split in those who never were supporters of the Obama administration and those who followed their leader blindly. In fact, being a split nation, as split as it wasn't since 1860, is one of the major bad things, the US of A. had to endure since Obama took the White House.
Still, things have reached a new level, a dangerous level
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Symptomatic Boston ...
May 1st, Kansas City - The problem that isn't discussed yet ...

Once more, I feel, I have to touch a subject, everybody is writing about and look at it from the odd angle. Seems to be my nature to do such things, and I can assure you, it doesn't always help my popularity. No kidding. But still, lets be serious for a moment. The Boston Marathon Bombing was a tragedy, a crime and, lets say it frankly, a shame for those who try to kill innocents to propagate their own insane ideologies. And religions are ideologies, also that is something, someone has to speak out loudly at this point.
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Gays, gays ... gay marriage
April 4th, 2013 Kansas City Just some conservative thoughts ...

Okay, now everybody talks gay marriage. Which is fine by me. I supported it since years, you can look at my comments at Yahoo about that and I have also here in my own little space of the Internet spoken up about it. And yes, I'm a conservative and the reasons, I support gay marriage are conservative reasons. Conservative doesn't necessarily being a biblethumper. Dang, I read that book, I read the contemporary support materials (for example Flavius Josephus), I have rather a problem with someone thumping on the Bible without having all that done than I have with any gay. Which is funny, because I believe actually in God and I am sure, I am no gay, nor have I any tendency to become one. Just not my taste.
But I believe also in the Constitution. Or, to be exact, in the meaning of the Constitution. The prilgrims didn't go to America to be unfree, people didn't fight the English to be unfree, they fought to be free and equal.
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Sometimes ...
March 4th, 2013 Kansas City - sometimes, one doesn't know what to say

Okay, it's March now, and as usual, the first week of a month is the time for a new article. Fine by me, usually, a lot of surprising, upsetting, exciting things are going on in the World and many of them are interesting enough to warrant a closer look. And admittedly, the US are usually provider of most of those subjects.
But this months, I admit, I feel a little at a loss here. Okay, the sequester ... everybody talks about the sequester, which makes it entirely unnecessary to say more about it. Especially, since it was clear it would come, it was clear, it would be used as political milk cow and the blame pushing would reach new peaks of depravity.´Which essentially is, what happens daily since Obama'S 2008 campaign (did that one stop yet?) and therefore is not worth another article ...
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Once upon a time ...
February 4th, 2013 Kansas City - Back, when the US were the greatest nation on Earth

One upon a time, the USA was the greatest nation on Earth. Unemployment was at 4.6%, people had houses, and while the Dow Jones wasn't as high as today, the average income was higher. And by the way, back then, national debt was about $8 trillion. Whether it was technology, military power, economic power, even for ethic guidelines, people all over the World looked to America. Not even America's fiercest enemies doubted, America would give up some basic principles like freedom or democracy, even there was always a struggle how far America would go to defend those principles. Mostly this struggle happened in America. Which in a way was just another sign, how great this country was ... once upon a time.
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Another deal is made, you will pay for it!
January 3rd, 2013 Kansas City - What does the deal mean?

With big theater thunder, House and Senate voted for the deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff". However, what sounds basically good, it has it's catches. Because by cancelling the tax holiday, taxes raise. For the average family by about $700 per year. Now add to this the raising premiums for health insurance, the fines coming up for Obamacare ...
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2012: Another year gone ... almost!
December 4th, 2012 Kansas City - a little review

And another year is almost over, the first review in pictures are already on the web, the first 2012-review-books are probably already in the process of being printed.
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Obama won ... unfortunately so
November 8th, 2012 Kansas City: About love, hate and math

Okay, the priciest elections yet are over, Obama won again. From a mere sportive point of view. it's appropriate to congratulate the Democrats. But at that point, admittedly, my pity ends already. Millions of Americans live under the poverty line.
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TV-advertisers, please, show mercy ...
October 1st, 2012 Kansas City: Madness WITHOUT method!

Okay, this is, opposite to most of my articles, a rather unpolitical subject. Or it would be, if the political TV-advertisers would refrain from doing the very same things, commercial ones do to drive us, the people watching TV, crazy ...
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The Republican Convention is over
Sept. 3rd, 2012 Kansas City - What happened in Tampa?

The Republican Convention in Tampa is over. As was to expect, the official nomination as candidate for the race for the White House was in the center. And necessarily by that, the introduction of Mitt Romney, a candidate, who, for various reasons wasn't all that known to the voters ...
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Dead bodies and vultures
Kansas City, Aug 1, 2012 - The culture of the scavengers

Aurora/Colorado ... a man comes into a movie theater and starts to shoot. In the end, 12 people are dead and 58 wounded. The shooter is later caught in a parking lot behind the theater. And even later, police will find out, he had rigged his apartment and said a timer to start loud music at midnight, short before he started firing at the hapless movie audience.
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Another bit of math
Kansas City, July 4th, 2012 - As a nation divided under Obama ...

Okay, now we know, in fact, we know now for some weeks. Obamacare is constitutional. Well, Judge Roberts said, it is a tax, and since raising taxes is not in the presidential powers, we would need a new voting in the Congress, because otherwise, it's unconstitutional because the President has assumed congressional powers. But otherwise?
Now the debates go on and on and on. I read them and it's always the same. And nobody seems to speak out the really relevant point. Which, as usual, is the math behind all of that.
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All and Nothing
June 2nd, 2012 Kansas City - Lets do the walk

Okay, it's that time of the month again. The time to write an article about something, that made me wonder, upset me, or confused me. Whatever, I find in the news.
However, I admit, this month, I feel at a loss. It's not, that there are no news article ... but ... oh well!, lets just have a look.
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Rather die than stand your ground
May 3rd, 2012 Kansas City - more strange logic

Here we go again. Florida's Stand your Ground laws are subject to hefty critizism, especially of course from the media side. It's the usual, cases, which doesn't fit the bias aren't on the front pages. Simply that. Now, there is the case of Marissa Alexander. A pretty clear case, one should think: She was ambushed by her ex-husband in her own place. Her beat her, he tried to strangle her and she had no chance because he was 100 lbs heavier and a lot stronger. Additionally, two kids were in the house, just one floor higher. Well, and her ex-husband threatened to kill her and made moves to make this intention a reality ...
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From Lame Stream to Criminal Stream
April 3rd, 2012 Kansas City - Heat up the rage, fake the evidence

We all heard of Trayvon Martin, and from what point of view we ever see it, it's a tragedy. Whether one believes, Mr. Zimmerman shot him for "racist" reasons and without any need to defend himself or whether we believe, Mr. Zimmerman was attacked by Mr. Martin, it doesn't matter in the final result: A young man is dead, another man's life ruined. This is, what I call a tragedy.
However, this isn't about Trayvon Martin, this isn't about hoodies and it isn't about neighborhood watches and "stand your ground" laws. This article is about the media and how they handled this all.
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Class warfare goes even dirtier ...
March 2nd, 2012 Kansas City - How to make the stupids sell themselves out

I love it, honestly, I love it! There goes one guy, photoshops a restaurant bill and puts it to the internet, garnished with some malignant comments right down the politcal correct class warfare alley - and the next thing is, the whole story gets viral! Millions of people buy it because they want to believe it's true. Their leader Obama has said so, thus, it has to be true? Right?
Well, not twenty-four hours later, the restaurant, becoming aware of the situation, tells "The Smoking Gun", it's all a fake and they have the original receipt. The one in the internet is photoshopped! As if nobody saw that before, but it was so much more fun to follow the other sheeple and let out a little bit of the envious anger against "the rich".
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Suddenly 2012
January 2nd, 2012 Kansas City - What to expect ... and what not

And now we are in 2012. Well, it was inevitable, wasn't it? Because that is, how calendars work. They count days and when one cycle is at an and, the next higher circle is counted up by one and the counting starts again. And every time, one of the bigger circles is counted up, there is a number of people predicting chaos, mayhem and doomsday. Well, additinal to those, who made doomsdays a profitable business anyway and therefore spill their prophecies out more frequently than ever
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Mathematical misconceptions ...
Kansas City, Dec 1st, 2011 - Numbers don't lie, people do

Every year, at least for the three last years, December comes up an "unexpected" high number of claims for unemployment defictis. There is nothing new in that and for sure nothing "unexpected". However, due to short memory and the general lack of mathematical understanding, those numbers cause. as usual, a hot-headed discussion about alleged failures, alleged success and more important alleged guilt. Which is basically the reason, why I thought, it's worth to dedicate an article to the mathematical facts behind those loud numbers:
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The end is near - for 2011
November 1st, 2011, Kansas City - too early, like usual

We have the first of November, it's still two months till the year's end. So ... one could assume, it's too early to write already about the year's end. But then, in late December, everyone will talk about everything and everyone, depending on ideology, religious beliefs, alcohol level and a number of other factors will basically say anyway the same more or less articulated. So, lets get ahead of the rush!
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Awlaki is dead - what now?
October 3rd, 2011, Kasas City - talking about triple edged swords

Anwar al Awlaki is dead - that should give all Americans some reason to cheer. Say it clearly, the man called for violence against Americans, he recruited extremists in America and he is losely linked to the Ft Hood shooting, the underwear bomber and also to the attempt to blow up a car bomb on Times Square. Lets say it clearly, Awlaki was not a nice man and the world is definitively better off without him.
However, there is also another side to the story. It's the way, how it happened. An US President wrote simply a death warrant. Now, such death lists are not unknown from the past. But Awlaki was a born US citizen. So, the latest historical first in the achievement list of President Obama is to be the first President, who ever signed a death warrant, unchecked by courts, against an US citizen.
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9/11 - Ten years after
September 1st, 2011, Kansas City - The sad follow up on a terrible incident.

Ten years ago, the World was shaken by the news. Planes crashed into the WTC, another plane went down on an acre in Pennsylvania and a fourth one hit the Pentagon. People died, one of the tallest buildings in the world collapsed and buried their remains. It was a sad day for all the world, but America had to carry the brunt of the impact.
I wasn't then in the US, in fact, I wasn't even thinking of moving to the US back then. I lived in Germany. But I had friends in the US, in fact so many, that critics from the left sometimes accused me of "pro-Americanism". And it took days to find out, what happened to them. Some, I could reach, alive. Others are gone.
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The Deal is made
August 2nd, 2011, Kansas City - What does it mean?

The deal is made, the debt limit will be raised, some cuts will come in the future, in short, after a very undignified spectacle over months, our politicians agreed to get the cow from the ice.
Really? Now, lets have a look. Basically, the deal includes minor up front cuts in the budgets but over two trillion dollars more debt in a little over a year. Or in other words, the usual two trillions per yewar, we got used to from the Obama administration
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Ready to surrender
July 3rd, 2011, Kansas City - Another first in the history books

Without pulling too much attention, there was a lot of action in the diplomatic world lately.
I'm talking about Hilary Rodham-Clinton, who, on behalf of President Obama takes up diplomatic contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. After it leaked out, that the US are also talking to the Taliban lately, this is the second time, this administration initiates talks to a radical Islamic organization. Or maybe already the third, we can't be sure, but there was a lot of talks with Hamas lately too.
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Serial killers on the lose
June 2nd, 2011, Kansas City - Unconventional insights

With the summer time, it appears, as if the serial killer hype, caused by the grizzly finds of Long Island, fell asleep again. Police in the meantime found at least bodies and bodyparts connected to two predators out there, one leaving bodies wrapped in burlap, the other leaves torsos and limbs spread out over several counties. Add to this a dead baby and another man, probably of Asian origins, and you got a nast collection there. Still, if I see the media, everything fell asleep.
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Osama bin Laden is dead - what now?
May 3rd, 2011, Kansas City - Sometimes it helps to be just lucky

Osama bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in the World, has been shot in Pakistan in a multi-million dollar hideout!
Now, that's basically pretty good news. The man was responsible for thousands of murders, not only, but inclusive, nearly three-thousand innocent people at 9/11. So, my pity with him is strictly limited.
But while happiness and political hype rule the subject, I can't help, but thinking about the realities. A courier took a phone, and this phone call was overheard. That trace led the CIA in the end to Osama's hideout. The phone call happened in 2010. In other words, Obama, who now takes all the credit, was just lucky that it happened in his time.
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Libya - the New Afghanistan?
April 12th, 2011 Kansas City - Worries don't need reason

The air strikes in Libya continue, but now, they are back to the kind of operation, we have come to know from NATO and UN commands - half-hearted alibi operations.
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Insult your enemies
March 15th, 2011 Kansas City - Who cares for reason or logic?

The first signs of the upcoming presidential campaigns have rushed through the mainstream media. Of course, and what else was to expect, in form of ripping all potential Republican hopefuls to pieces, partially for really small issues. And from the other side of the aisle, we heard endless lists of what Obama did all wrong. Add to that the usual political mutant, this campaign in form of Donald Trump and the stage is set.
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Found, shocked, ... and forgotten
February 24th, 2011 Kansas City - The bodies of Long Island

It's just a bit more than two months since four female bodies were found on a remote stripe of beach on Long Island.For about three weeks, the news were full about the findings and, mostly because the police didn't give too much information,speculation ran wild.
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Happy New Year!...
January 1st, 2011 Kansas City - What's up, America?

Happy New Year, everyone! We now officially survived 2010! I think, this is reason enough to celebrate the fact. Honestly, End of 2010 the unemployment had reached the highest number since 1929 - we survived. Somehow and a lot of us are pretty down to the wires, but we survived.
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The shallow political correct lie
February 2nd, 2012, Kansas City - About wrong attitudes

Some time ago, I got an email. Now, emails, I get in fact a lot. Writers are somewhat public figures and they love to hear from people who liked their books. I am no exception.
However, this one was about the website and it was somewhat different in more than one way. First sign, it came allegedly from Rose Kelleher using a gmail account. Now, Rose Kelleher is a poet, you can find her in the internet. She has her own website and she uses this domain also as her email contact. In other words, I probably got a mail from someone, who tried to pretend to be Rose Kelleher. Second thing to think about: She told me, she likes my website, especially the serial killer part, but she had a suggestion. The text for the ninth victim of John Wayen Gacy, William Carrol, should be changed to express more "respect" for the dead.
Now, that's for sure politically correct. But here is the problem:
As I wrote in the casefile, "This sweet little boy had already a history of stealing (at age 8), gun possession (at age 11) and a little career of pimping out homosexual teenagers to adult clients (probably from age 14 to his death at 16) when Gacy met him in the "red light" corners of male prostitution."
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Serial killer news:

Neil Falls
Well, everybody read it, a suspected SK was shot in West Virginia and now police authorities are checking everywhere whether their open cases are maybe connected to this man. Well, actually, there is yet no hard evidence, he killed anybody, but he had what is considered a "kill kit" in his car and he was at least living some years ago in Las Vegas where four prostitutes disappeared and two of them were found dead ... or at least parts of them.
So, here is the rub: While it is necessary to check whether there is a connection, there is always also the tendency of police departments just to declare their cases are cold, the perpetrator is dead and no further investigation is needed. It's called "cabinet cleaning". Lets hope,t he need of police departments to clean out their long list of cold cases doesn't lead to evidenceless case freezes ... again.

Our database ...
Starting with this month, you will step by step see more files in our collection, but those files will be sometimes have no profiles, incomplete bios or other flaws.
Well, in reality, not all of the hundreds of files we have are complete. Investigation is needed and to do that, time is needed. Time that certainly lacks between our activities as writers and accute hot cases. Thus, we hope, you nejoy the more and are not too upset about the more that is still missing.

Alleged Monster of Ugnano arrested
The area of Florence had a new serial killer. Probably since a long time, but it was only really noticed now, when a 26 years od prostitute was found dead in a cricifixion like position duct-taped at a metal rail.
Now, just two days, later, police has arrested Riccardo Vitia, a 55 year old plumber. The linked him by the tape used to the crime.
However, what sounds like a quick success is in fact the break after this man was active for at least ten years. And while sources near to the investigation say, Vitia has confessed, we know about the worth of such confessions in Florence from the case of the Monster of Florence.

May again!
Every year, at May, in most years probably about the middle of the month, LISK returns to the East Coast. At least, if my profile is correct.
Of course, there is no way to prove that before he is caught. But it is worth to think about one bloody fact. He is still out there and over the years while SCPD slept things out, he probably have added to his body count. If he follows the tendency of other serial killers, he could be around 15 now. Unless of course, he kills somewhere else during the winter months, that could bring him now easily to the 30, approaching Bundy, Gacy, Corona and Corll. Just food for thought.

Paul Rowles suspected to have killed Tiffany Sessions in 1989
Tiffany Sessions, a financial-major at the University of Florida, disappeared in 1989 without a trace. Her body was never found.
Now a prison notebook, some kind of incomplete diary by serial killer Paul Rowies appears to link him to her murder. But since Rowles is dead, he died in prison at age 64 from old age in 2013, nobody can ask him anything. The search for Tiffany Sessions is bow, 25 years after her disappearance, still on in Cross City/Florida.

Three years have passed ...
In December 2010, the first of four bodies were found on a stretch of road in Long Island. Later, another case, that of Shannan Gilbert, was mixed into the mess. It became a story of police arrogance and ineptness with lots and lots of media attention.
Now, in December 2013, things are forgotten. Media outlets don't care anymore, the cases are cold, no arrest was made and the strategy of silence has again protected a serial killer from justice. So, what is left to say? Rest in peace, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Melissa Barthelmy, Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello and Shannan Gilbert. Bob Koelker has made a quick dollar on your death, LISK is still out there and collects more bodies in silent grave yards and the PDs of Suffolk County and NY are happy to be out of the spotlights. And in those three years, dozens of other escorts just disappeared ... So, the final lesson to be learned is probalby "don't get yourself killed by a serial killer on the East Coast."

Germany shows, how it's done
Germany, to be exact, Mannheim had a new unsub in October. First an unknown subject attacked woman, who escaped the attempt to rape her, then he strangles a girl and, as later becamse known two more attempts happened after that. So, there was clearly a sexual motivated serial out there.
Actually, the police wnet pretty ast to the public, even not with all information. And while often the effectivity of offender profiles is doubted there, that didn't prevent them from using the method. The result: The murder happened October 3rd, the arrest was October 19th. 16 days to catch a serial. Take that, Suffolk Co., Take that Albuquerque!

Joseph Naso
It appears, as if police succeeded in connecting Naso to a fifth case, the murder of Sara Gilliam, who had changed her name to Sara Dylan because she was such a fan of Bob Dylan. Well, and the mruder of her friend, which for unknown reasons doesn't count as murder in the prosecution's body count.
Now, here is my problem. Naso is accused to have committed the Double-Initial Murders, signified by victims whoe first and lat names had the same starting letter. Like Pamela Parsons, Tracy Tafoya, Roxene Roggasch and Carmen Colon. So how does Sara Dylan or Sara Gilliam fit in this picture?

And more LISK
I just found Sayonara's Blog, admittedly not by accident but because Precious Dust, the blogger, had a friend forwarding me the addy. Now, I can be arrogant, but I referred to only those members of WS as "a little challegend" who defended vehemently a theory that demanded from a suspect to cruise through Oak Beach with more then 184,000 mph speed. Which is light speed and a little over the speed limit. And to make the point clear here, the person who had this great idea wasn't Precious Dust.
However, I am one of those "unqualified persons" who say something about Shannan Gilbert and paranoid psychotic episodes, according to Precious Dust. Lets face here the truth, I (see my serial killer collection) am probably as "unqualified" as former chief of Ds Varrone (who heard the full call and had to do a life long with all kinds of crimes, including those involving drug induced rampants) and of course Michael Pak (who was there at this hour and only described what he saw). So ... uhhh, on the "unqualified" side we have a profiler with at the moment a ten out of eleven hit rate, a police officer with decades of experience and an eye-witness. On the "qualified" side, we have Precious Dust. Hummm, arrogance was the word?

48 Hours and LISK
Yesterday was the latest 48 Hours about the still cold case of the Long Island Serial Killer. There were some little new details, but who expected progress was disappointed. It was the same old Dr. Hackett witch hunt and the usual utter ignorance about the differences between the cases.
However, Former Chief of Ds Varrone spoke for the first time out, what I tell only since 2 1/2 years: Shannan Gilbert was in some kind of psychotic condition when she made the famous 911 call. And David Schaller for the first time indicated, he actually had no idea whether the John asked Amber Lynn Costello to leave her phone behind or whether she just forgot it (she left behind her purse as well). So, nothing new for my readers, I said those things now since December 2010 and got almost skalped for it several times. But since Robert Koelker, who quote me in Lost Girls without my knowledge, without my permission and, most important entirely out of context, just to let his source look "coolly", in an obvious attempt to make a lot of money, has his book out now, the Hackett witch hunt and the concentration on Shannan Gilbert will go on and block the view on LISK furthermore. So thanks for everyone who have done more than their share to muddy the waters.

Ian Brady maybe to reveal where he buried Keith Bennet
As UK sources report, Ian Brady made another attempt for his right to starve himself to death. Brady, who killed in the 60s together with his lover Myra Hindley 5 children between 10 an 17 years of age, fights for his right to die. He is since 1999 in a hunger strike, but authorities ordered him to be force fed.
Four of the victims have been found. Keith Bennet, who disappeared June 16, 1964, was never found, but a photography of Brady, shot by Hindley seems to indicate the area. Still, over the past decades repeated searches ended up empty handed. Now, in his attempt to control his death, the only form of control left to him, Brady is maybe willing to give up where he buried his last missing victim - in exchange for his own right to die.
His lover and accomplice died in 2002 due to cancer.

Websleuths: Banned for saying the truth
I am now banned again from for being so rude to mention, that supects don't move with more than light speed, that people normally don't get information via crystal balls and similar such idiotic nonsense and that I consider it a waste of time to discuss such theories. I didn't went so far to call morons morons though, lets call this my last remains of "political correctness". But I admit, some morons may felt like morons there and showing them would be considered rude.
On the other hand, claims to be a true crime board with an implicit intention to solve crimes. Crystal ball theories and physically impossible bias driven witchhunts as I have experienced there, aren't helpful. A police officer once called the community there bored housewifes - well, the truth is worse and very unwelcome there. So, in general, after dealing with so-called experts who can diagnose certain mental illnesses from a bad 2 minute video, which was even doctored and without sound, I consider in general a waste of time. By the way, according to DSM IV such a diagnosis takes at least 2-3 days of observance of a patient under clinic conditions, but when I mentioned this little discrepancy, well, you guess it, I got another three day ban. So, bottom line, good bye Websleuths, there is no sense in a crime board that acts by suppressing the truth to wallow rather in wild conspiracy theories. Have fun!

Always more shootings?
It appears, there are always more shootings, in schools, in theaters, in malls, just everywhere.
Now, this sparked some political debate about guns, and this debate is going on and on. But political debates are usually not the issue for "serial killer news". So, lets look at it from another angle:
What have all those shootings in common? Aside of the media hype and the chance for politicians to aggrandize themselves once more? All those shootings were committed by relative young perpetrators who had mental problems and had them since years. Not only the ones already diagnosed (Holmes, the Aurora shooter was in psychological treatment, Lanza, the Newtown shooter, was in treatment but for another disorder usually unconnected to violent crimes)m but much more important, those, that were missed, sometimes over years. I could continue the list. Jared Loughner for example showed at least two years before the Arizona shooting all signs of mental problems.
Now, one can argue, take the guns from them and they are hapless. Well, in fact, as the experience from other countries shows, they will switch either to knives or explosives. So, treating the symptom of someone in mental trouble taking a gun, will actually not prevent him from finding another way to kill and certainly, it won't cure his sickness. So, what can we do?
As one of the most underestimated measures in the war against drugs, we all read at one time or the other, those little leaflets how to recognize signs of drug abuse in our kids. Schools give them out to parents, you can get them from government sites, in some parts of the country, they were sent out by mail. I think, everybody knows them.
What about a leaflet recognizing the signs of a possible dangerous mental disorder? The kind that can lead to a mass shooting? Or any other kind of spree killing including bombings? Because, looking at all those perpetrators, be it the Columbine shooting, or now Aurora and Newtown, one thing is clear: They all showed symptoms of a very limited group of symptoms. Actually, this is really the stuff, checklists are made of.
It's, right now, just such an idea. Send me your opinion about it here

Lonnie Jones Case goes cold again ...
The case of Lonnie Jones, a 12 year old boy in Idaho, killed in 1951, went cold again. We, as in me and some others interested in the case, put some effort in that case, we found some of the people who were around back then. We also dealt with a Sheriff's Department that had lost most of the evidence over time. We found a man who was arrested some weeks after the murder for going for another boy. We can place that man in the vicinity of the victim at the night of the murder.
Now, here is the downside. This man is not the guy, the brave people of Weippe/Idaho want to be the killer. So, some of the residents there either never cooperated or stopped cooperating. Some others, however, were helpful. And we made progress, probably more than the Clearwater Sheriff's department made in 60 years. Now we are at the point, said Sheriff's department would also need to do a little work, not just got fed by us. Which, consequently was the point, the Clearwater Sheriff's Department chose to stop returning calls and any cooperation. Given the political connections in that case, it appears as if the Sheriff tries to let the case go cold again to avoid troubles with some of his core voters who would prefer another man to be the killer (it's a kind of small town myths thing there). For those, who are interested in justice for Lonnie, maybe you can convince them to cooperate again with a telephone call.
Jurisdiction: Clearwater Sheriff'S Department, Sgt. Mitch Jared, phone: 208-476-4521

Tue, May 17, 2016
12:00 AM CT

Daniel Lee Siebert
Daniel Lee Siebert is now also in our serial killer collection. A more or less garden variety strangler type who got away longer than necessary bacause some big PDs dropped the ball ... and left it to smaller ones, to get the job done.

Fri, Dec 18, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Christman Genipperteinga
THe legendary robber along the wine road Trier-Cologne made it finally into our collection. With a total of 970 victim, including six of them his own children, he is currently the most prolific serial killer in the Collection.

Thu, Oct 22, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Gerard John Schaefer
The allegedly most prolific Florida Serial Killer, "Killer Cop" Gerard Schaefer, finally also made his way into out collection.

Thu, Sep 24, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Royal Russel Long
Long was quite messed up in the investigation of the Wyoming Rodeo Murders, but details show, he was another kind of animal, y typeless pedophile serial killer. Now his file is in our collection.

Mon, Aug 17, 2015
12:00 AM CT

The Wyoming Rodeo Murders
A story of misperceptions and midnless cabinet cleaning by police authorities that ended up with someone getting away with at least two murders on young women. Now in our collection.

Wed, Jul 15, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Joseph Vacher, the French Ripper
Now new in our collection: Joseph Vacher, the French Ripper. The first case, blood spatter analysis was used in a court trial world wide!

Sat, Jun 20, 2015
12:00 AM CST

No new addition in June
Usually, we try to bring another case up in our serial killer collection every month, but this month, we simply had no time. Between working open cases and other activities, it was just not possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sat, May 16, 2015
12:00 AM CT

The Beauty Queen Killer
New in the serial killer collection: Christopher Wilder, the Beauty Queen Killer. A case that shows how nonsensical the disctinction between serial and spree killers really is.

Thu, Apr 16, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Burton W. Abbott
Abbott killed only one victim, a case that caused some public attention in 1955. But he showed all hallmarks of a fledgling serial killer and thus, we added him to our collection.

Mon, Mar 16, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Darren Deon Vann
Ha is basically the usual garden variety strangler case if it wouldn't be for the early warnings statistical data cretated about serial killer activity in Gary/Indiana. Now he is in our collection.

Wed, Mar 4, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Due to technical problems, the March article was up late. Take my apologies for this glitch.

Mon, Feb 16, 2015
12:00 AM CT

Affaire of the Poisons
We have added the infamous Affaire of the Poisons to our collection. With more than 80 offenders, it breaks a little the format, but well, it's one of the biggest cases of "organized" crime ever, so how can we let it out?

Mon, Dec 8, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Joseph Bryan
Once he made the FBI Ten Most Wanted list, now nobody remembers the case anymore. Nevertheless, the father of all allegedly schizophrenic serial killers has entered our collection.

Fri, Nov 7, 2014
12:00 AM CT

The Trailside Killer
David Joseph Carpenter has now become also part of the Serial Killer Collection ... complete with profile.

Tue, Oct 7, 2014
12:00 AM CT

The Vampire of Duesseldorf
Peter Kuerten aka The Vampire of Duesseldorf roamed the city at the River Rhine for more than two years and left behind a trail of bodies-

Fri, Sep 12, 2014
12:00 AM CT

The Grim Sleeper
Lonnie Franklin aka The Grim Sleeper has been added to our serial killer collection

Thu, Aug 14, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Michael Lee Lockhart
... and with a little delay, another serial made it into the serial killer collection. Michael Lee Lockhart, not so much interesting for his "achievements" but because his case appears as if he became a psychopath only after a serious head injury.

Tue, Aug 12, 2014
12:00 AM CT

A Game of Daggers
Diane's new novel A GAME OF DAGGERS is now available at Amazon for Kindle. A story of murder, mayhem and political intrigue set up in the year of the Lord 1096.
Pope Urban II has called for a crusade, but this news has yet to reach Cornwall. And people there have anyway to deal with other problems from storms to wreckers on their coast and when some murdered men are discovered on the beach, nobody guesses, this is only the prelude to much greater events coming to the so remote shores ...

Sat, Jul 5, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Ivan Hill
Ivan Hill, as the first of the many serial killers, who haunted Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s, is now added to our serial killer collection.

Sun, Jun 8, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Raya and Sakina
The famous Egyptian serial killers have become part of our collection. And as so often, things are not as simple as the urban legend tries to tell us.

Thu, May 1, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Dagmar Overbye
The infamous Danish baby farmer has been added to our Serial Killer Collection.

Thu, May 1, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Pharaoh Djoser added to the Egyptian Collection
I finally came around to add a new pharaoh to our collection: Djoser, 1st Pharoh of the 3rd Dynasty.

Fri, Apr 4, 2014
12:00 AM CT

The Green River Killer
This month, we added Gary Ridgway to our serial killer collection, a case, not so much interesting for the profiling but for the lessons about case organization to be learned from it.

Tue, Mar 4, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Manson Family
The "Manson Family&quo; has been added to our serial killer collection. Especially interesting for those who think, brain washing isn't possible.

Fri, Feb 7, 2014
12:00 AM CT

Hans van Zon
Dutch serial killer Hans van Zon joined our serial killer collection. Not entirely voluntarily though.

Mon, Jan 6, 2014
12:00 AM CT

The Syracuse Dungeon Master
John T. Jamelske aka the Syracuse Dungeon Master has been added to our Serial Killer Collection. While not a seria killer but a serial rapist, Jamelske represents a similar psychopathology as some OCD type serial killers, for example Dahmer and therefore is some valuable object for studies.

Thu, Jan 2, 2014
12:00 AM CT

The last of the 2nd dynasty pharaohs, the man who re-united Egypt, is now also in the Egyptian collection.

Thu, Dec 12, 2013
12:00 AM CT

Pharaoh Sekhemib added to the Egyptian Collection
I finally came around to add Pharaoh Sekhemib to the collection, the sixth of the 2nd Dynasty. So, with some luck, I can finish this year the 2nd dynsty, only one, Khasekhemwy is left.

Tue, Dec 10, 2013
12:00 AM CT

The Riha disappearance
In 1969, Dr. Thomas Riha disappeared and in the subconsequent series of events, Gloria Tannenbaum was arrested for forgery and under suspicion of two other homicides. She plead not guilty by reason of insanity and got away with it. The case has now been added to our serial killer collection.

Mon, Nov 4, 2013
12:00 AM CT

Richard N. Clarey jr.
Clarey is one of the lesser known serial killers, skirting the definition a little. Still, for some reasons an interesting case.

Wed, Oct 2, 2013
12:00 AM CT

Now in the collection: William E. Cosden
A garden variety sexual predator, notable only because his existence shows, how wrong the idea of 1 monster at 1 time in 1 area is.

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