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A few months early, still, good to see ...
June 5th, 2016, Kansas City: An early balance of the Obama time
Only a few months left of President Obama's second term and the time of "Hope and Change" comes to an end. Time to look what we got from it. Of course, Obamacare. Well, of course, the Democrats claim, Obamacare works. They have to, otherwise they lose face. The numbers however speak another language. When it all started, roughly 30 million people in the US lived without health insurance. Now 7 million, according to the Obama administration have signed on. They don't mention, that about 100 million more Americans have different plans now, mostly Bronze plans. Those plans come with a co-pay of $10,000 per year and thus are effectively unusable because the co-pay alone is enough to ruin a family. Even more, some 35 million more Americans fell out of unemployment benefits and can't afford those plans at all. Thus, the number of those, who effectively can't use health insurance is now more than double of what it was. Roughly about 60 million people. Plus another roughly 70 million people who will be ruined if something serious happens to their health.
The economy is still ailing and the tax hikes didn't help. Over the last years also in Democratic governed areas, on city level mostly, additional taxes were invented respectively renewed with new rules that allow to farm even those for money who live under the official poverty limit. So, Democrats, Obama in the first place, may told you, they run to get "the fair share from the rich" but they got the money from the poor. As is usual with all kinds of left-leaning regimes. People didn't get rich in Soviet Russia, right? Or in Cuba? Or in Venezuela? Nope, they didn't.
The Middle Class ... now, that was one of those big buzzwords. Middle class here, middle class there ... and still, there is not much one can write about the middle class. Because under Obama, the middle class ceased to exist. Harrassed by foreclosures, driven into unpayable mortgages by Fanny and Freddy under the lead of Democrat Tim Geithner to create an economical crises that allowed the Democrats to take over power, the middle class paid the price for that trick in the almost eight years after. The income is down, security a dream and there are no reserves left between higher taxes, higher costs of living and lower wages due to loss of jobs in general.
Yeah, and then there were minimum wages. Of course, if someone is not especially bright, you can buy his vote by promising him, you will make his boss pay him $15 instead of $5 per hour. In reality, the boss won't pay that. He will go out of business. The job is gone, our not so bright voter gets $0, but who cares, he has fulfilled his purpose already and voted for Obama. And since Obama can't run for a third term, he was to those "voters by promise" extreme hard in his second term. He didn't know you anymore, poor drones!
That leaves us not with one elephant in the room but with about $20 trillion elephants. That is the debt, the US taxpayer has to carry after Obama will leave the office. Maybe a trillion more, but at this point, it doesn't really make a difference. For comparison: All Presidents before Obama together made $10 trillion of this amount. So one can claim entirely justified, that President Obama came pricier than two world wars and 43 Presidents together. But to be fair, the spinelessness of some established GOP leaders helped him to ramp this biggest debt up, the biggest debt, any ruler in human history ver piled up on his people. in only eight years. At this point, it is a mathematical certainty, that one part of the Obama legacy is the finacial instability of the next two generations of Americans.
Life in the US was never especially safe, or so it appeared. Actually, the numbers about gun violence were never that exorbitant in compariron with other countries, but numbers are facts, not appearances and in politics, facts count for nothing, appearances are everything. So, between Obama's directives to disarm police, very limiting policies about self-defence of officers and Obama's open promotion of violent racism, a new effect has added to the old problems. Once, it was just, that the country is big and police occasionally needed a few minutes longer. Now it is, the police has not enough officers and if the perpetrator is member of a minority, they can't arrest him anyway without risking their careers ... regardless what this person does. At least, Democrats in city halls used situations like that to pay over millions of taxpayer bucks to equally Democratic controlled activist organizations. You are paying Black lifes matter, whether you want or not. And if the thug mugging you next time is by any chance non-white, well, you are on your own. That's as well a part of Obama's legacy.
The situation in the world. Well, Obama's congressionally non-approved war in Libya has destabilized the country and shown, you can't just bomb one dictator out with air strikes and never touch the ground.

His legacy: Racism, violence, debt and hunger

Because you create a vacuum down there and this is, what the factions fight about. The pure air strike theory, known to be wrong already when it was employed in Libya plus the unmitigated celebration of the Arab Spring has created a highly dangerous situation that allowed Islamic radicalism to take footholds not only in Libya but also Somalia, Tunisia and for a time in Egypt. Of course, President Obama's new found friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ended abruptly when Mursi got pushed aside. Now General al-Sisi is President (elected, not by mere military power)and the US lost another potential key ally.
In Syria and Iraq, where President Obama left for the domestic political advantage like a pig from the trough, the vacuum, his policies created, enabled the raise of ISIS. The same, he did to Yemen where he cut support and thus allowed radicalized tribesmen to take over a bigger part of that country as well. When President Obama entered the White House, not one country was under the control of the radical fundamentalists, currently Syria, parts of Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya are more or less under their control, Lebanon and Egypt fight for survival.
In North Korea, almost eight years back, Kim Jong-Il, the father of the current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, had been relatively moderate as far as that word goes in North Korea at least. He had even agreed to stop the nuke program in exchange against energy and nuclear reactors unable to produce uranium for the weapon production, but energy, the thing North Korea needs so urgently. Then Obama came in the White House. Today, Kim Jong-Un still needs energy, but he also needs obviously attention. So we had an endless series of incidents and the nuke program in North Korea runs as hot as it possibly can. Worrisome is also the development of deployment systems that may even allow a nuclear strike against US soil (the latest submarines with ballistic missiles).
Speaking of nukes ... Iran ... well, nobody actually knows what the Ayatollahs do. The provisions of control were iffy at best when Obama signed the new agreement with Tehran. But Tehran not only got the freedom to develop whatever they want, they also got hundreds of millions dollars back that were frozen for years. A nice chunk of that money, we see at work in Syria where Hezbollah, Iran's arm for terror operations is supporting the dictator Abbas. Of course, the fact, that they cut basically their own connection route cross the country from Iraq to Lebanon and thus enabled thre next step in Tehran's dream of a new Great Persian realm from Gulf to Mediterranean, could be considered another military success of a power that successfully pulled our President over the table.
Russia ... Russia is arming up. Russia is especaially arming up in ballistic submarines, land based nuclear systems, anti-aircraft systems and tanks . We have seen especially the tanks in action in Osjetzia and Crimea and the ainti-aitcraft-systems in Ukraine. But there is not much that can be done. all systems, we would need to counteract the Russians are cancelled by ... you guessed it ... President Obama.
Obama's latest "success" was Cuba, right? Well, the dictatorship there is well and alive, and right after Obama left, a wave of arrests went through Havanna, just to make sure, everybody knows, only one thing changed. Now, with Obama's gift bag, the Castros and whoever comes after them, has less economical pressure and can focus on keeping the Island under an iron fist. Obama, your happy supporter of Dictators like Kim, Castro, the Ayatollahs and Mursi stroke again!
Now, back to the US. I mentioned the economical situation, but there is more. Racism is a big subject. The perpetual pulling of race cards cause of course adverse reactions and Obama's open support for black racism has caused a lot of anger. Eric Holder, his former GA, tried to push Florida into riots with taxpayer paid agent provocateurs and when this failed, he tried the same again in Missouri. Of course, the ACLU paymasters are also a little bit under pressure, they forgot to pay their professional rioters there and some have sued for their honorar.
The policy to cater to minorites only against the majorities, has split this country to a degree it hasn't seen since about 1860. Well, in 1861, a Civil war broke out. By the way, that happened because Democrats tried to defend slavery. And while Democrats have become pretty good at hiding that historical fact, black unemployment is higher than ever while the KKK is well and alive in the Democratic Party (you may want to take a closer look at the first political mentor of the Clintons). And also, entirely expected, lately the Democrats stopped to woo the African-American communities that much. The new target group is Hispanic, they breed faster. So, dear blacks, you were sold out again by your masters and that Obama is half-black made it only easier for him to sell you out! But wait till after you have voted for Clinton ... that will be fun to watch, right?
Then there are gays and transgenders. Honestly, I always supported gay marriage, that was never a subject to me. But now, the law is, every tranny can go into the lady's rooms and swing their gear in front of little girls. Which is a dangerous thing, after we already know from criminal statistics how many pedophiles lurk in or around those restrooms for kids to snatch. Now, there is a law giving them the perfect camouflage and even better, no cop can drive them away ... now, thanks to Obama, the pervert has all rights, the kids have not even left their right to live in many cases.
Speaking of kids. When Obama entered the White House, one in fifteen kids in the US suffered from mal- or undernutrition. A scary number, right? Now, after eight years of blue lalaland, one in five children suffer from mal- and undernutrition. Three times more. For everybody but the staunchest supporters of Obama and the Democrats, this should be a three times scarier number.
And again, speaking of kids and their parents. The number of cases in which Social Services rip kids out of families on the slightest and often even unproven accusation from doctors has quadruppled! It is not that the parents decide over the welfare of their kids anymore, now, it's the system and the system is merciless bound to act on rules, that were made in an entirely different place, at the FDA, where those former pharma CEOs decide, you can't give your child Vitamin C anymore, it has to be a chemical bomb for every cold. If not ... social services will find your kids!
Now, a lot of people will argue, it wasn't all Obama, especially Obama supporters who have a hard time to admit, they voted wrong. But here is the rub: Obama created the climate. Now we are all in one boat here, the children of Democrats have to carry Obama's pile of debt as much as the children of Republicans. The homicide victims are almost split equally (though, blacks, a traditional Democratic voter group produce 50% of all homicide victims while they are being only 12% of the population, but hey, now, the police can't do anything against it anymore at all). Bottom line here is, we all live in the world Obama and his cronies created and it is not a nice place. And still ... how many Obama voters will vote in November for Hillary Clinton?

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Tue, May 17, 2016
12:00 AM CT

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12:00 AM CT

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12:00 AM CT

Now in the collection: William E. Cosden
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